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Additional names followed through each successor where we can only assume that there are millions of Reiki Practitioners of the world today that adds to the lineage of generations not mentioned below

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1870s  Dr. Mikao Usui (Founder through Ancestral Spirit) 1900s  Dr. Chujiro Hayashi 1939  Mrs. Hawayo Takata ,1950's John Gray and Barbara Ray 1982  Diane Ruth Shewmaker, 1996 John A. Salat is 6th generation from successors of 3 other additional Reiki Masters training in Usui System of Natural Healing "Karuna Reiki", "Kwan Yin" Reiki, and lineage of Sekem-Sechim of SKHM International methods.

To enhance Reiki, John was certified through several other energy advance Reiki lineage methods exploring multi-cultural healing techniques in certification beyond the "Usui Shiku Ryoho Reiki" system. John teaches traditional Usui System in levels one through three Mastership Certificate Courses and for master/teachers John offers additional powerful mediums of new international style symbols. These blends are initiated to students using "Karuna Reiki ", Quan-Yin , Sekem-Sechim that cross over Ancient Eastern, Tibetan, and Egyptian based forms.  

From the last 30 years, John continued to study energy work by comparing variety of techniques of Tao energy with Reiki to further augment Chi.  Presently, his education embraces Reiki with Taoist energy in styles of Qigong with western models of awareness movement classes. His personal training includes the most well known names in the industry such as Donna Eden author of "Energy Medicine", 90 year old Qi-gong Tao Master "Share K. Lew", Dr George J. Leonard, PHD  Michael Mayer, Master Fu Wei Zhong, Yuanming Zhang,  Stepheno Sabetti, Jane Malek and many other famous international known authors as award winning achievements and masters in the healing or awareness moving science arts. He successfully integrates these mediums comprehensibly into mainstream Western Hemisphere and since then been teaching Tai Chi, Qi-gong, Reiki, meditation events and other Taoist modalities of work.

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